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Step 1/4 - How it works


The structural steel is blasted. Depending on the dimensions, the intended result and the desired quality, this is done with automated blasting machines or by hand. Rust or other contamination is removed during this process.

Natlakken hand

Step 2/4 - How it works

Wet painting

Afterwards, the steel is placed on trestles in one of the wet painting halls. Here the steel is sprayed by hand. Depending on the desired robustness of the paint, we provide your steel with a single or multiple coat system, or a fire-resistant coating.

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Step 3/4 - How it works


The steel constructions are stored in our buffer, where they are given time to dry for an optimal result.

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Step 4/4 - How it works


After drying, the steel constructions are ready for transport. We load them onto your trailer at the loading docks, so that your steel is ready for use as soon as possible.

The advantages of wet painting

  • Unlimited volumes
  • Dries in the open air
  • Efficient use of paint
Stalen balken vervoeren


Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. can offer systems up to C5-I with its wet coating line. (See the table below for corresponding qualities).

Load Class Example outside Example inside
C1   Heated buildings with a clean indoor climate. E.g. offices, shops, schools and hotels.
C2 Atmosphere with low pollution level, rural, dry area with little air pollution Unheated buildings where condensation may occur. E.g. warehouses and sports halls.
C3 Cities and industrial atmospheres with moderate CO2 pollution. Operating rooms with high humidity and some air pollution. E.g. food processing plants, laundries, beer breweries and dairies.
C4 Coastal areas with limited salt content. Chemical plants, swimming pools, ports.
C5 Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere. Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and high pollution.
C5-X Coastal areas and outlying areas with high salt content. Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and high pollution.


  • Hand spraying
  • Handheld blasting
  • 30,000mm(length) x 5,000mm(width) x 5,000mm(height)
  • Maximum weight is 10,000 kg per construction part. Machine Blasting 40,000mm(length) x 3450mm(height)


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