Staal coaten met de hand hoog

Step 1/5 - How it works


The steel constructions are hung on a hanging rail and automatically blasted clean (according to the SA2.5 standard) to remove any rust or other contamination. The remaining steel grit is then removed with compressed air.

Handmatig coaten in beschermpak hoog

Step 2/5 - How it works

Manual powder coating

In the hand powder cabin, difficult-to-reach corners are coated by hand by our employees and a few powder guns.

Staal spuiten machinaal

Step 3/5 - How it works

Automatic powder coating

The steel is given a corrosion-resistant powder coating by means of 24 fully automatic powder guns. A powder recovery system prevents powder waste and allows us to reuse surplus powder.

Balken uit een machine hoog

Step 4/5 - How it works


The structure is cured in a 90-metre long conveyor oven. In the second line, the construction goes into a closed oven.

Stalen frame droogt in hal hoog

Step 5/5 - How it works


Before the steel leaves the conveyor belt and is loaded onto the trailer, it is thoroughly checked for layer thickness and quality. Any overlaps are corrected by hand.

The advantages of powder coating

Powder coating is a very environmentally friendly process, with an extremely strong result. Without using solvents, with 100% recycled paint powder and an efficient process, it is the greenest choice in steel preservation. With Van Merksteijn Staalcoating, you can rely on:

  • High gloss level
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be touched up with paint
  • High impact and wear resistance
  • No assembly damage
  • Good profile and edge coverage
  • Smooth or structured coating
  • Can be packaged and transported immediately after curing and cooling
  • Guarantee possible
Heftruck vervoert staal vierkant


With its powder coating lines, Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. can offer systems up to C3 (see qualities below).

Load Class Example outside Example inside
C1 Heated buildings with a clean indoor climate. E.g. offices, shops, schools and hotels.
C2 Atmosphere with low pollution level, rural, dry area with little air pollution Unheated buildings where condensation may occur. E.g. warehouses and sports halls.
C3 Cities and industrial atmospheres with moderate CO2 pollution. Coastal areas with low salt content. Operating rooms with high humidity and some air pollution. E.g. food processing plants, laundries, beer breweries and dairies.


  • 25000mm(length) x 1500mm(width) x 2500mm(height) per construction part.
  • The centre of gravity must be at the centre of the maximum width dimensions.
  • 8,000 kg Maximum weight per structural component.


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