Fire-resistant coating

Van Merksteijn Staalcoating offers a unique fire-resistant coating system for structural steel which provides unique benefits compared to conventional fire-resistant coating systems.
Thanks to its unique solvent-free composition, the product hardens out within 24 hours regardless of the coating thickness applied, after which your product is extremely resistant to damage during transport and assembly.
In addition, our system does not require the application of an undercoat or finishing coat, which means that the application times for this system are much shorter than for conventional systems. Of course, an undercoat or finishing coat can be used for higher classes of protection or to apply a RAL colour.

Advantages of the product include:
• thicker coating layers can be achieved per application, resulting in faster throughput times

• excellent corrosion protection in compliance with the ISO 12944-5 standard
• excellent mechanical protection against shocks, bumps and wear and tear, thereby minimizing the amount of retouching needed at the construction site

• preserves the exterior appearance of steel constructions
• also suitable for fine/complicated steel constructions

• very low static load
* no need for an undercoat or finishing coat, resulting in faster throughput times

The following information is very important for the preparation of a good tender:

• number of minutes of protection required against fire (30, 60, 90)

• critical steel temperature per structural component (we normally use a temperature of 550°C)

• list of material specifications (the lighter the construction, the thicker the layer needs to be)

Without this information, the tender will only give you a rough estimate of the price that can be realized for the construction. The more accurate the information you supply, the more accurate the tender will be that can be submitted by Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. The end result for you is a lower price!
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