Duplex coating refers to the process of applying a one- or two-layer powder coating or wet paint
coating to a hot-dip galvanized base layer. The combination of a zinc layer with a high-quality coating system provides exceptionally high levels of extended protection against corrosion. The duplex systems offered by Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. provide class C4 to C5 levels of protection suitable for industrial environments.

Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. applies duplex coating systems only to construction steel. The large size of its powder coating line and the broad range of in-house painting options available enable Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. to apply coatings to objects that cannot be handled by its competitors.

The advantages of duplex coating (with powder coating) include:
- aesthetics
- high level of shine
- easy to clean
- extremely scratch- and impact-resistant
- additional internal protection against corrosion (also in combination with wet paint systems)
- practically no damage from assembly operations
- excellent coverage of profile and edge details
- smooth or textured surface available
- environmentally friendly

Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. itself does not provide hot-dip galvanizing services.