Liquid paint application


Structural components are loaded on skids, which are moved by circa 1800 motors built into the floor of the production halls.

The skids are sorted per individual order and guided through the abrasive blasting machine by computer-controlled conveyors.

The structural components are cleaned via abrasive blasting in accordance with the SA2,5 standard, after which any remaining abrasive material is removed with the help of compressed air.

The skids are then again sorted per individual order and moved into position for the spray painting robot by the computerized conveyors.

Parts or corners of the structural components that are difficult to reach are spray-painted by hand in the manual spray painting booths.

A total of 12 spray painting robots apply a protective coating of liquid paint to the structural components.

The skids with the spray-painted objects are stored in the buffer in order to dry. The buffer is large enough for 125 skids.

The skids return to their starting point and are loaded onto the semitrailers from the loading docks.

If specific structural components cannot be spray-painted by the robot, then Van Merksteijn staalcoating B.V. can always apply a protective coating manually.