Structural components weighing up to 8000 kg can be hung on the overhead conveyors.

The structural component is cleaned via abrasive blasting in compliance with the SA2,5 standard, after which compressed air is used to remove any remaining abrasive materials.

Any parts or corners that are difficult to access can be treated effectively in the manual powder coating cabinet.

A total of 24 fully automated spray powder guns are used to apply the protective powder coating to the component being treated. The use of an overspray powder recovery system reduces the impact of any powder waste to an absolute minimum.

The component being treated is transported through a 90 m long curing oven.
Before the component leaves the overhead conveyor and is loaded onto the semitrailer, it undergoes a rigorous inspection with respect to coating thickness and quality.

After the component is removed from the overhead conveyor, all contact points are inspected and finished off by hand whenever necessary.