The combi system

The combi system makes it possible for Van Merksteijn staalcoating B.V. to offer its clients services that combine the use of powder coating and liquid painting systems, depending upon the specific shape and/or weight.

Repairs at the construction site

Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. manufactures and supplies spray cans that make it possible to easily and quickly carry out minor repairs at the construction site.


We can provide you with transport services at competitive rates.

Extra services

  • 45 ton stacking truck for fast loading and unloading (loads to be filled up with 13 cm packing sticks on the loading floor)
  • Extremely fast throughput times
  • 60000 m2 of storage capacity for black powder coated steel and other coated steel
  • Sealing, taping and packaging
  • Low fixed prices for house style colours

We have developed a planning system for monitoring and controlling the entire process whereby all orders/cargoes are given a unique identification code. The planning process is automated, and the most recently updated information is always available at the office. All cargoes are packed in a way that ensures that they can be loaded easily and quickly onto the semitrailer in one go, without incurring any damage. Our fast loading and unloading turnover times result in minimum waiting times.