Company profile

Van Merksteijn staalcoating B.V. has over 50 years of experience in applying protective coatings to steel components and has always been a pioneer in its chosen field. In 1997, it introduced one of the largest, and still one of the most modern, powder coating lines in Europe. In 2010, it also opened a fully automated robotic liquid painting line, making it the first company in its sector that can offer clients these services on such a large scale.

All the above developments have a single goal, namely to ensure that Van Merksteijn staalcoating B.V. can continue to provide its clients with the best possible quality at the best possible price.

Van Merksteijn Staalcoating B.V. has operated as an independent company since 7 March 2006. Before that, it was part of the family-owned company Van Merksteijn international B.V., which focused on the production of reinforcing steel and fencing.